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About Andy Sukhu, Founder & CEO of Y2K Credit Solutions Andy Sukhu is a pioneer in credit repair with over 20 years of experience, having

Andy Sukhu is a pioneer in credit repair with over 20 years of experience, having helped thousands of satisfied clients restore their credit.

My Story

Many of us, including myself, have experienced the indignation and struggle associated with a bad credit score. We have experienced what a bad credit score can do to our financial health, and how that affects – several – aspects of our lives.

Having – personally – gone through the difficulties presented by having a bad credit score, I not only can relate with what you may be experiencing at this point, but I know how to get you through this difficult time and to a more prosperous financial state.

Like you, I had my back to the proverbial wall. My credit had hit rock bottom and my phone was ringing non-stop with creditors and collection agencies often times at the other end of the phone. It was a situation that I would not wish upon anyone.

Then I took action.

Learning all the local, state, and federal laws (including the Fair Credit Reporting Act) that I can cram onto a notepad; I not only negotiated my way out of a bad credit score, but I was able to devise a plan of action that others could benefit from. I made it my career mission to helping others get out of bad credit situations and find themselves back onto the path of financial freedom.

At Y2K Credit Solutions, I am proud to say that my entire team – of knowledgeable credit experts – is not only well versed in the latest credit repair techniques, but, have a company-wide culture – of care, compassion, and understanding – instilled upon them. We understand the sensitive nature of bad credit, and give each case the attention and dignity that it deserves.

I look forward to continuing to help you and all those in need of improving their credit and being set back on the path to financial freedom.

With your success in mind,
Andy Sukhu


Founder and CEO of Y2K Credit Solutions and Debit Solutions, Andy Sukhu is a consumer credit specialist and credit counselor. For over 10 years, Sukhu has single handedly changed the lives of thousands of people including A-list celebrities, giving them back financial power.

Born in the Caribbean Island of Guyana, Sukhu emerges from humble beginning but hard work is his mantra.

In early 2006 the basement of the Sukhu family home in Hollis Queens was were Y2K Credit Solutions started, with only family and friends as clients.

By 2011, Y2K Credit Solutions skyrocketed and is now one of the top credit counseling companies in New York City. The company services the entire country as well as Canada and now has a staff of twenty.

All business components were created by Sukhu which separates Y2K Credit Solutions from the rest and gives Sukhu and his team a crucial advantage to stream line and fix the consumers credit the correct and legit way. With an end result of 100% Debt Free and enormous increase in our client’s credit score. As an expert who examines consumer credit, trends, causes and effects of financial strain, Sukhu has been able to predict the needs of clients who are in financial and credit ruins. Within minutes of seeing a client’s credit report, Sukhu can provide comprehensive individual solutions.

The first approach is to educate clients, offer short and long term solutions. Sukhu teaches the consumer what’s on their credit, why it’s there and what course of action should be taken.

Sukhu started out as an IT professional for several companies including. Tele-data communication a subsidiary of the credit bureaus, as project manager, and creating software for banks and indirect lending companies around the US. It was during that time a lightbulb went off and he caught a credit “bug.”

Sukhu holds three College degrees including a Bachelors in Industrial Organization Psychology. His biggest accomplishment, however, is being a father to his 16-year-old son, Jarred Sukhu – who is set to go to college.

As a staple in his community, Sukhu also makes time to mentor students, he just started an internship program in his office, which currently has two students who are on their way to college as well.

When he’s not fixing credit, Sukhu can be seen on Pix 11, Bronxnet, Perspective, and I-Heart Radio answering question and offering tips to viewers.